The Berlin S-Bahn is "the mother of all S-Bahn systems" in Germany and in many cities abroad. The modern electric powered vehicles, the signal technology and the operation have proven their reliabiltity for decades. The trademark ā€œSā€ was invented in Berlin in 1930. Today it is used all over Germany and also in other countries.

Many S-Bahn stations were built in a standardized way, i.e. they were a reflection of the industrial culture. At the same time, the reception buildings are also individual answers of their time for the respective location. They form the cityscape and townscape, are often listed as monuments and are part of Berlin's identity.
With these three subject areas, the diverse aspects of the S-Bahn as a reflection of German social and technological history of the 20th century and the growth of the metropolis can be impressively and excitingly presented and related to each other.