The S-Bahn-history fascinates many fans near and far. Much has been preserved to this day. You can find the most important actors in this regard in the links.
Unfortunately, most of the still existing “treasures” are slumbering inaccessible in warehouses, archives or inaccessible workshops. The lack of interest on the part of politics and administration in the history of Berlin's railways and its technology threatens the cultural heritage in the long term, because voluntary commitment alone is not enough to preserve and present it.

If you want to experience real S-Bahn -history today, the best way is by travel-ing by S-Bahn: The stations of the S1 between Schöneberg and Wannsee are particularly diverse in their architecture. The stations of the Stadtbahn between West and Ostkreuz characterize the Berlin city center.

The Deutsches Technikmuseum has some beautiful items in its extensive railway collection. However, there is only very limited access. 

For the foreseeable future, S-Bahn-fans can only hope that the preserved his-torical trains will run again and that S-bahn-history will be presented in an attractive museum to come.